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Incorporated in 2008, Telfra is the telecommunication business arm of the Masmeyer Group, which focuses on engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) work for telecommunication facilities. As a member of Masmeyer, Telfra benefits from the synergistic support provided by Masmeyer’s property development arm, outdoor advertising arm and service station arm. Telfra has access to some of the most strategic locations in Malaysia such as city centres and expressways as well as remote and rural areas across Peninsular Malaysia as part of Telfra’s effort to act in concert with the Federal Government to generalize connectivity to both the urban and rural dwellers. In addition, we have struck strategic partnership with a leading turnkey contractor with rich experience in the building of telecommunication towers. We believe these advantages will certainly enable Telfra to achieve its aspiration to become the choice network facilities partner of every regional telecommunication service provider.

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We operate on a build-and-lease model under which we will identify strategic locations, partner with the landowners to construct the telecommunication structures and lease it to our tenants.

Currently, we are offering telecommunication structures which are compatible with the fourth-generation network technology (4G) and the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) standard. Moving forward, we foresee the demand for telecommunication structures is going to increase exponentially as the fifth-generation network technology (5G) comes into play since 5G runs on high-frequency waves. We are currently in the midst of discussions with renowned telecommunication technology providers across the world. We envisage to launch 5G structures into our product line-up in the upcoming future as part of our effort to join the movement into 5G technology.

Through scale as well as use of innovation and best practices, Telfra provides effective and efficient telecommunication structures which enable our clients to run on asset-light operations. We are committed to remain agile, adaptable and efficient as well as to leverage on our strategic advantage to gain new business, ensure customer satisfaction and achieve good economics for our clients, as the industry progresses towards a new frontier.

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Telfra’s services covering acquire sites and develop telecommunication towers throughout all states in Malaysia.

Working together with government, local authorities and local consensus parties to deliver your required infrastructure planning. We are committed to develop and improve telecommunication’s connectivity in Malaysia.


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NFP Licence

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Telfra is an innovative network facilities provider which is constantly striving to surpass the expectations of its customers by delivering state-of-the-art solutions and near-instantaneous support.

Our facilities are located at strategic locations across Malaysia, with dense population and high traffic. Telfra also formed strategic partnerships with established telecommunication structure manufacturers and adopt cutting-edge technology in our solutions.

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